I got an email over the weekend from someone that basically was wondering how he lost his girlfriend only after three months of dating. In short he did everything he was supposed to do with the initial pick up thinking his job was over hoping she would stick around.

Sorry it doesn’t work that way. Sure you did a good job attracting her but if you don’t keep it going her initial feelings of attraction will fade away.

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So begs the question: How do you keep her?

Don’t turn into a pussy! I’m serious – how many freaking times has one of your friends totally disappear when they have a girl and then all of the sudden three months later they call to hang out?

Never devote all you time and energy to be with her. Have your friends and hang with the boys, have a life outside your girlfriend. Make it a point to never be taken for granted. Besides after a while she will feel bored and start looking elsewhere – searching for that same feeling when you swept her off her feet.

To keep things exciting be unpredictable and do different things and so I’m not talking expensive dinners. When I lived in NYC we had the “Village Voice” which listed all the new hotspots, café’s, theaters, outdoor fairs, concerts going on.

I used it all the time to think of something cool to do. Trust me when I say it worked like a charm.

All I’m saying not to get lazy and complacent – I got burned by not keeping the fire going.

I can almost guarantee as long you keep the attraction going that girl won’t go nowhere. Another piece of advice you may also want to be just as adventurous in bed. Don’t kid yourself women love sex – just as much as guys do. Don’t be a selfish lay she will get bored of that too.

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