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In the past couple of months I have been talking about getting over your approach anxiety and boosting your self confidence.

Remember from my previous lessons that the only way this will happen is by following through and taking action. Create a 30-day plan to actually say “Hi” to women you see in the store, the cute girl behind the gym counter or anyone else for that matter.

This 30-day exercise will diminish your anxiety and eventually you will be more comfortable around the opposite sex.

Now you feel comfortable approaching women and made the initial small talk and built a friendly rapport.

Now you’ve got to get down and flirt with her to arouse her feelings and emotions. Flirting is your verbal kung-fu with women. Here is the bottom line: Most girls need to feel something for a guy to get physical. There is no way around it and your verbal game is the key.

If you feel your verbal skills are lacking don’t worry you just need to tweak what you already have. Trust me when I say it’s really not that hard.

Once you learn how to push her emotional buttons you will start attracting far more women in a shorter period of time. Flirting with women is a learned skill but it doesn’t involve memorizing canned lines or one liners. It’s all how you communicate with women on a far more deep level that arouses her emotions.

Let’s get one thing clear here women don’t want to hear about how many levels you were able to achieve on Halo 3, your job or your car. This is what beta males do to qualify themselves to women. Turn it around to make women qualify themselves to you!

Flipping the script so to speak basically involves you becoming the man she wants by telling interesting stories, you are exciting and interesting. I never suggest lying to women it will get you no were quick. Nor do I suggest you lose your identity – all you need to do is borrow from your current experiences and create an exciting backdrop with those them.

That’s the key.

I will keep this brief today but there is still a LOT more you can learn on flirting with women. So if you’re eager to get ahead of the pack, there is some powerful advice in Steve Scott’s eBook Flirt Mastery.

This is not an eBook with useless one liners and canned stories. This eBook will teach you how to converse with women and ignite that sexual spark. login
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