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Okay not too long ago a friend of mine was celebrating her 28th birthday by the beach. I met with a few mutual friends and we were all having a good time drinking and eating. There were several women there most however were with boyfriends but it didn’t matter I was having a good time.

Next thing I know one chick decides to bark and butt into my conversation with one of my other friends saying I was offensive.

My response was, “And?”

Keep in mind I didn’t know who this girl was.

She said that I was being offensive and I asked, “In what way?”

She proclaimed that I was being too loud!

“OH REALLY!” was my response (I said with a shit grin). She didn’t like that whatsoever. Why the hell should I apologize for having a good time?

Needless to say she was pissed I could see daggers in her eyes. That night I went home laughing about the whole experience.

Fast forward to the following Saturday I’m hanging out at my buddy’s apartment complex since we were going to hit the bar in a moment. I should explain that my buddy and birthday girl live in the same complex. Birthday girl makes an unannounced visit to say “Hello”.

Take a wild guess whom is with her? Yep the same girl who I was challenging the weekend before!

I thought nothing of it – as we all hit the bar. My buddy is there with his wife talking to birthday girl and I decide to chat with the same girl I was fighting with the weekend before.

In a few short minutes I was able to make fun of the whole situation and make her laugh. I kid you not within 10 minutes she was kissing me. After a couple of hours I offered her a ride home and she accepted. I made her coffee the following morning.

WTF! How the hell did this happen?

Then it dawned on me, I challenged her and I must have made an impression. I didn’t turn into a pussy and apologize to her instead and balled up and challenged her. I was still a gentleman and did not insult her or cuss her out.

Now I admit I was lucky I got to see her a 2nd time but I used it to basically disarm her with laughter and ultimately attract her.

Did I avoid her? NO
Did I make an excuse and say I can’t hang? NO
Did I say the hell with it and make a move? Yes
Did I make her laugh about the situation and disarm her? YES and YES
All this lends to the notion of strong inner game. This is exactly why I recommend Carlos Xuma’s new course Ultimate Inner Game: Total Self Confidence & Social Success. Do yourself the favor and watch the videos now! login
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